Welcome to Games Like Hide & Seek!

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Welcome to Games Like Hide & Seek!

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:59 pm

Welcome to the Games Like Hide & Seek forum!

I'm David, a father who likes to play with his 2 daughters. I sometimes feel the need to add variety to our rotation of typical father & child games (Legos, castle building, drawing, role playing, etc.). That's why I invent new games. I'm talking about super simplistic games that don't require any or much material, just like Hide & Seek. For an adult mind, it could sometimes be hard to understand why these would be any fun, but based on my daughters feedback, I have more success with these "home made" games than with any other type of game.

My imagination has its limitations, so I wanted to create this forum to have a place where people could share these ideas. I'm certain many of you have similar home made games that could benefit others.

Please share your ideas, steal some, and have fun!


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